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Things to Know Before You Purchase
  • Begin your healing journey with our Soulfull Reset Program, the perfect starting point, followed by the deeper exploration of our Soulfull Mind Program. You can enjoy these sessions via Zoom or phone, scheduled twice a month or weekly to best suit your routine.

  • Opting for a subscription plan is cost-effective compared to individual sessions, with payments spread monthly over three months. Detailed pricing is available in the package descriptions. Our Aftercare program offers ongoing support monthly and is accessible after completion of any main program.

  • Feel free to cancel your subscription at any time; however, please note that each plan is intended as a 3-month commitment to facilitate profound personal growth.

  • Book your sessions easily through the Soulfull App or the SWN website through the "Members" Tab whenever it works for you.

  • Within 72 hours after each session, you'll get "a lovenote to your soul." This isn't just any recap—it includes shadow work tasks like writing or creative prompts, a rundown of your wins, insights, and much more. These notes are designed to keep you engaged and reflective, helping you track your progress and stay motivated every step of the way.



Learn to understand, forgive, and accept yourself...

The Soulfull Reset Program is a warm connection-based lifestyle coaching program that spans 3-months. It offers a diverse set of tools and resources tailored to help you reflect, clear obstacles, and realign your life in the direction you choose. Utilizing techniques like meditation, breath work, goal setting, boundary practice, inner/teen child work, physical healing exercises and other radical acts of soul care this program is designed to address your unique needs comprehensively. Each step of the program is customized to fit your learning style, personal circumstances, emotions, and any specific needs and goals you may have, ensuring a deeply personal and transformative experience.

Bi-Weekly Reset Program:

Frequency:  2 x 60-minute coaching calls per month for 3 months​ (6 sessions total)

$86.86/month for 3 months
Total Investment: $261.00+Tax


Deepen Your New Relationship With Self and Soul...

The Soulfull Mind Program is a nurturing, 3-month series of soul-aligned actions and guided meditations designed for profound inner healing. It's perfectly suited for individuals navigating trauma, significant life milestones, grief, or near-death experiences. This program integrates creative intention setting, radical acts of soul care, and guided meditation, enriching your meditation practices and discipline. While it is typically undertaken after completing the Soulfull Reset Program, it is not a prerequisite. By employing techniques such as breath work, goal-setting, and boundary practices, each step is tailored to your unique circumstances and needs, empowering you to express yourself with passion and freedom.

Bi-Weekly Mind Program:

Frequency: 2 x 60-minute sessions
per month for 3 months (6 sessions total)


$86.86/month for 3 months 
Total Investment: $261.00+Tax

(For Successful Healing Program Clients)

Designed to refresh and enhance your use of tools and resources for ongoing problem-solving and healing. Ideal for maintaining and advancing practices developed during the Soulfull Reset or Soulfull Mind healing programs.

  • Frequency: 1 x 60-minute coaching call per month (3 sessions total)

  • Focus Areas: Utilize these sessions for guided meditation, inner child work, and deep soul care.

  • Goals Review: Regular check-ins to ensure your goals remain practically and soulfully aligned with your personal growth trajectory.

  • Bonus Offer: Includes exclusive access to the                   "A Love Note to Your Soul" Writing Program, enhancing your journey with personalized reflections and creative prompts.

Total Investment: $99.00+Tax

Image by Jeremy Bishop
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