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Who is Kayln Monét? I am a wife, mother of two, a sister, friend, an author and artist! All collectively coming together to create your favorite life coach! I’m a fixer, your strong friend, and a listener who will help you manifest those thoughts into action! Are you the protagonist in your own story? Do you wanna be? Let’s write that life story together.

This bio seems to focus more on you (future SoilMate) rather than myself… That’s because I intend to share and grow right along side of you! This Journey is just as much about you as it is about me being the best for you and future “SoilMates” to come!


  • Lovenote Leader
    Lovenote Leader
    Submit a lovenote to Ki (E-mail/Text/Website or App) Choose any feelings or thoughts!
  • Killa Kindness
    Killa Kindness
    Kill ‘em with kindness’, like my granddaddy used to say!

Kayln Monét

Councilor, Motivational Speaker

Lovenote Leader
Killa Kindness
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