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Next steps on healing from the inside out...(Please read before you purchase!)

  • Most folks begin the healing process taking the Soulfull Reset program as Part 1 and follow it with the Soulfull Mind program as Part 2. 

  • Soulfull program clients commit to meet via zoom or phone call twice per month or once per week for 1- hour at their convenience. 

  • The subscriptions are cheaper than booking a series of individual sessions.

  • All subscriptions fees are charged on monthly basis for 3 months except Aftercare which is a one time flat fee.

  • The total investment per subscription is listed in the package's details below. To pay for your subscription in full, please email or text 240-303-2241 to be invoiced directly.

  • Aftercare is monthly ongoing support reserved only for existing clients who have completed either Part 1 or 2 of a Soulfull Program.

  •  You may cancel your subscription at any time although, each subscription is a 90-day commitment to do the healing work needed to start an evolution from the inside out.

  • You can book your sessions at any time through the Soulfull App or SFN website member platform. 

  • Within 72 hours of each session every client receives "a lovenote to your soul", a written recap of our session featuring shadow work homework i.e. writing/creative prompts along with any mentioned wins, lessons, truths, goals tools, instructions, and other helpful resources to allow you to stay present in session and further process with intention in afterward. You'll have record of your progress and tangible encouragement and accountability along the way.

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-Coach Ki

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Learn to understand, forgive, and accept yourself...

The Soulfull Series/Reset is a connection based lifestyle coaching program. It features a variety of tools and resources designed to mirror, unblock, and reset your life to your desired direction. Each step is customized to your learning style, specific circumstances, individual feelings, & any requested needs.


Deepen your new relationship with self and soul...

The Soulfull Mind Series/Reset is a guided meditation based series with a more specific intention on inner healing work ex: uncovering trauma, reaching a large milestone, coping with grief or near death experiences etc. It’s 50% creative intention setting, and 50% guided meditation. You will learn a variety of meditation methods and expand your discipline.

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