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The Big D...Death! (The Elephant in the room!)

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Sent this message to an amazing soulfull family member a few weeks ago, so naturally had to share ‘em with you guys! Share your thoughts too💭

I am studying death. I felt called to do so by my soul and there's always been a familial disconnect on the topic as it relates to processing and discussing that matter with transparency. Experiencing loss this year has also fueled the flame.

As it stands now, I do not fear death, but more so the "how / ill-perceived untimeliness of dying early". I know this because death itself well I just don't hate it... kinda sounds nice to me lol *shrugs*. I am curious in the way that I want to embrace like I would Sadness. Like a familiar friend stopping by for a while. I want to learn to fall in love with the idea of it.

Abraham Lincoln once said "I don't like that man...I must get to know him better." it stands very true on this occasion for me.

I also wrote this haiku from the thoughts, it's called "One Rest":

a warm loving hug

the final pause, peace be still

with all you'll ever need


What are some of your views and feelings on death?

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