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The Big D...Death! (The Elephant in the room!)

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Felonia The Spirit Guide
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We go through deaths and rebirths to get to our higher CELLPHs. Eye don't believe death is the end. Eye believe when our loved ones pass they cross over to the spirit realm. The SOUL never dies

Heaven and hell is not a real place. It's a state of mind. Eye was in hell fore years. Angry all the time. Depressed. Eye thought eye was losing my mind. Eye was living with someone who was toxic so I was toxic. Birds of a feather flock together. Eye wanted to unalive myCELLPH more than once. It took a toll on my mental health. But Eye was comfortable in my box and that box was a casket until enough was enough. Eye said Eye wanted to change. My mother wasn't going to change so eye had to be the change eye wanted to see.

Everything you suffered through is prepping you for your purpose

Felonia The Spirit Guide


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