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The Big D...Death! (The Elephant in the room!)

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Ever believe in one thing with a curiosity in another? I have. It’s human nature to be curious 🤔 and to have questions!

I’ve been most curious about…

  • 0%reincarnation

  • 0%heaven/hell

  • 0%energy released back into the world

  • 0%a combo of the above

I’ve always wanted to learn more about heaven and hell but fear of where I could end up at a young age kept me at a safe distance. This year I’ve decided I won’t let prior teachings and perspectives keep me from learning more.

I’m thinking about picking a different religion each year to study, I’m pretty sure I’m ready to take some expansive next steps!

Wish me luck 🍀 ps the image below made me giggle cuz…aren’t we all?😂


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