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The Big D...Death! (The Elephant in the room!)

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Curiosity did WHAT to that cat?! (POLL)

I wish I knew most

  • 0%what happens after death

  • 0%when I’ll die

  • 0%how I’ll die

  • 0%who is going to die next

Kayln Monét
Kayln Monét
Dec 11, 2021

I believe life is a test run for something bigger and better. What some call Heaven. But do we really know what Heaven looks like, feels like, smells like? And if I don’t quit out on this practice run, I can enjoy the victory run in eternity! I wonder what that eternal victory feels like 🤔… don’t you 🤗!? But the trick is to not give up during practice or else we endured this life for nothing.



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