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Soulfull Writers - Shadow work prompts & Love notes

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Forgiveness Shadow Work:

Write a letter to your younger self. Give them advice. Tell them things may be hard, but that things will get better. A lot of us are really unfair to ourselves. We believe that we could have prevented what happened if we just did one thing or another. Tell them that this simply isn’t true. There is nothing they could have done to stop what was going to happen, and that in no way is their fault. Forgive them. Forgive yourself.

If there is someone you need to forgive- forgive them. Sometimes we hold onto to things from the past with no chance of reconcelliation. There’s no chance of it being fixed and it just festers subconsciously. Write a letter to someone you need to forgive- forgiving them. Whether its because whatever wasn’t as important as it seemed at the time, or because you understand that…


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