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Soulfull Writers - Shadow work prompts & Love notes

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December 25, 2021 am writing

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A sensory issue can seem like a mental disorder especially if you are conditioned to only handle it in disbelief

I can't speak to you as God I have to talk to you as you because that assumes that I know that you know that we know too much and we know that we don't know a lot because we are learning so that assumption can be heavy, time-consuming in so many ways. so I speak, you speak, we listen we learn, we fight, we forgive, we come back, we create circles around circles because of the circles we do not create exes. we can not cancel each other out we are love with appreciation that's why we show gratitude as our attitude.

3:53 lessons on self-talk

5:35 I ask your forgiveness of my transgressions in time.

My mother left this earth at 5:27 pm 11/4/18 but it was called at 5:35 pm because the doctor was with other patients those 8 minutes seemed like forever, we understood the situation but in my head, all I kept hearing is WHERES MY MOM! in time I understood why I would love everything about this memory once I was in my lane.

3 harmony 5 life path 3 harmony

As I see me I see we. Everywhere I find myself feeling uncertain, I lean on us as me and We rise up!

4th Christmas of me stepping into holiday transmuting the energy into pure joy with my family by my side. The devil has ran away with his last thought of mine! Now I am standing firm soo he can't even think of me without God attached I won't believe it!

Happy Birthday, Jesus the world is sending it up for U!

Score(as I see it)

Black 4 Darkness 0

Last words, I am getting used to having a family I see, so I feel like I lack. But it's only because I am getting to know the "B" in me, I have headed back!

(Brandon says in his sleep "Y'all go first, y'all go first")

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