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Soulfull Writers - Shadow work prompts & Love notes

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Shadow work? What & Why?

Shadow work involves unearthing the hidden and suppressed aspects of yourself otherwise known as the shadow. It is the practice of introspection whereby you work through the darker, hidden parts of yourself. These repressed and rejected aspects of your being are what we are most ashamed about and avoided dealing with.


The Socratic approach of exploring your emotions is an effective method of shadow work. By listening to your thoughts and processing your feelings in a raw and unfiltered way you will spark an inner dialogue that forces you to address the most intimate parts of your psyche. Start by being aware of your reactions and process your feelings. By being observant you can understand your behavior and connect it to historical events from your past.


With meditation, you can penetrate and bypass your inner hidden layers. The deeper you go the more that you will uncover your subconscious. By just being and practicing mindfulness you will find the answers that you wish to seek. It is a powerful and constructive way of dealing with your shadow that promotes healing and soulful reflection. Crystals and assessing your chakras can be great tools in meditation.


Last, but certainly not least, journaling is one of the most popular shadow work techniques. By using prompts you record your thoughts and feelings and tap into your subconscious. These questions are designed to make you challenge yourself and illuminate the darkest crevices of your mind.

As you confront your shadow you will slowly but surely align with your higher self. It is a self-diagnosis tool that awakens and educates you on a deep and personal level. As you write out your responses to the prompts it is important to allow your thoughts and feelings to pour out onto the pages of your journal without judgment. Through journaling, you can be free and as open as you possibly can be.


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