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Soulfull Writers - Shadow work prompts & Love notes

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Write a letter to your mother or father to express and release your invalidation and unresolved truth. Go into detail on any hurt, disappointment and mental/ emotional/physical abuse. You are not allowed to accept any responsibility in this letter. Start simple with these statements:

  • I lost out on ____ because of your parenting.

  • The truth is, I wish you knew…

  • When it comes to me, I wish you understood...

  • All you had to do was ____ to do right by me.

  • Ever since I can remember all I ever wanted from you was

  • At the root of it all you could have given me ___ and that would have been enough

  • I was feeling ____ when I needed you...

  • Because of you my jaded fews on love and life reflect:

  • When I think about what I had to do to make up for your loss I feel...

  • Here are the ways you failed me then ...and now:

  • I deserved the type of parent that would…

Complete this to understand what your unmet needs are and to give accountability where it’s due as it relates to your inherited responses, patterns and views.

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