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Jealousy - The Green Eyed Monster

Family and culture makes you embrace some parts of your Self, while completely abandoning others. This happens when a child idealizes his/her/they’re parents and follows arbitrary rules for survival. These rules implicitly embed the child with the unconscious idea that she/he/they’re "bad"—which is a typical childhood experience. Then the rules and unconscious beliefs you learned as a child evolve and are carried into adulthood.

Here is a list of some unconscious beliefs:

  • Nobody can be trusted

  • I’m always wrong

  • I am not good at trusting others

  • I am helpless

  • The world wants to harm me

  • I’ve always been a step behind

  • Everyone is ungrateful

By performing in-depth shadow work for jealousy, you can self-reflect and determine which of these unconscious beliefs you may be living out.

  • What makes you jealous? 

  • Why do you think these people or circumstances make you feel that way?

  • What does it tell you about your own needs? 

  • Are these things you can work towards or something you should let go of?

Feel free to share your truth below!

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