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Coach Ki (Kiana Lee)
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Soulfull Check-In ❤️‍🔥What’s going on inside?

Take this moment to access and acknowledge how you’re currently feeling inside? Take a full deep inhale and exhale…give yourself permission to exist, it’s a gift.

Feel free to vent here, it’s our safe space. I’ll go first! I love you to life❤️‍🔥

-Coach Ki

Willis Wright
Coach Ki (Kiana Lee)
Coach Ki (Kiana Lee)
20 dec. 2021

I’m feeling the usual stress that comes with holidays. Gifts, juggling priorities, blah & bah humbug and don’t even get me started on the pressures to participate in certain holidays just because society says so it kicking my butt… I could be turning into the grinch / Scrooge y’all😂❤️‍🔥 send love my way..



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