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Carol Johnson
Kill ‘em with kindness’, like my granddaddy used to say!Killa Kindness
True wellness warriors express matters of the soul, no matter if it's light or dark.Vulnerably Fit

I would love to know, how do I do shadow work?

Coach Ki (Kiana Lee)
Coach Ki (Kiana Lee)
Coach Ki (Kiana Lee)
Nov 24, 2021

Shadow work is the process of working with our shadow selves to eradicate their negative effects in our lives and to integrate the separate parts of ourselves into one whole. Methods: Journaling (Check out the soulfull shadow work group!) Meditation Therapy or Coaching Creative Expression How: Questioning and challenging your beliefs Examining your past and upbringing Listening to your mind body and soul Uncovering and facing what you’ve repressed Learning to see and accept yourself without judgement … Etc.



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