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She was born into a world that wasn't her own

She never felt safe

Not even in her own home

Conceived by a child who never grew up

Disregarded by a woman who never knew love

Cast aside without a second glance

Tossed out like pure street trash

Turned away from the one who bore her

Taken advantage of by the only one who claimed to love her

The only one who had the power to destroy her

He spoiled her

But it came with a price

Her body for the finer things in life

When she resisted

She saw a side of him that she thought never existed

He became a demon

Instead of her savior

A dark entity

Instead of her serenity

He ruined her and made her feel irrelevant

A victim of her environment

Another statistic fallen by the wasteside

A baby bump she was ashamed of

An unplanned pregnancy she couldn't afford

An unborn child she was forced to abort

Just like her mother

She's forced to relive the harsh reality of her past

While letting countless men take what they want in exchange for cash

Leaving their names on some small part of her body

Her tattoos and scars are from a life no one wants to live

A few admire her struggle

But compassion no one is willing to give

Coach Ki (Kiana Lee)
Carol Johnson
Carol Johnson
Carol Johnson
Dec 22, 2021

Wow this made me cry I love it thank you for sharing.



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