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Express ya self - Art, Music, Poetry, Dance, Make-up, etc.!

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Kayln Monét
Kayln Monét

I’m writing freely

To provoke and provide something intriguing

Just thinking out loud

Or on this paper I found

Spilling out ideas of something devout

Just write and it’ll all come out

Just right, this feels oh so nice

Just type, pulsing through my fingers just right

I might take you for a spin like a kite

On a windy day in spring

Getting tangled in the string

Spiraling in the breeze

It’s gotta come from the heart

That’s the start

Feel it flutter every time you feel that spark

An idea

Make that fantasy real

Chasing what’s ideal

Time to bet on a bigger deal

Give em something they can feel

Something the devil can’t steal

That’s the appeal, it’s something they can feel

it’s a bigger deal when the fantasy is real

Just another way of delivering the appeal

From beginning to end

If only you were in my head

You’d be spoon fed

All the knowledge

I make it look easy

It’s appeasing

Get used to that feeling

It comes with healing

Coach Ki (Kiana Lee)
Felonia The Spirit Guide
Carol Johnson


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