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Express ya self - Art, Music, Poetry, Dance, Make-up, etc.!

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Willis Wright
You've expressed your art, cooking, or something soulfully creative! #TalentGoalsExpression Warrior
True wellness warriors express matters of the soul, no matter if it's light or dark.Vulnerably Fit

Release me, 

I seek to sever the chains that bind me to my past...

Chasing a mental tranquility that beckons a price for its peace of mind and holds the key to my salvation as a reward for my unending perseverance....

Sins of the son surpassing those of the father, bearing a cross fitted with my transgressions built from the miscellaneous mischief I've accumulated over the years....

Crown forged from my guilt and sorrow is thrust upon my head, griefs thorns etched deep into my skin.

Karma's steel embrace shivers through my hands as remorse binds and locks my feet,

Yelling to the heavens for mercy but my voice barricaded by the clouds fall silent to the unsuspecting earth...

The pain is great, a punishment wrapped unexpectedly in a forgiving and remorseful cloak but as I digress I know there is no chivalry for my actions.

This wooden figment of all that has burdened me, trapped me, unnerved me, hurt me and taken from me whispers my name ever so gently as if to reconcile with me.

But I know this is nothing more then my body and mind starving for peace and peace will be given once chaos has been cleansed and my soul can be free.

But until that day I carry this cross speaking to the heavens til my dying day

Hear my plea, grant me pardon from my past, guide me through the present and protect me in the future.

No longer do I wish to be a prisoner of my past.

Coach Ki (Kiana Lee)
Carol Johnson


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