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Duality Convos (Let's talk about how our darkness has exposed our true light!)

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Coach Ki (Kiana Lee)
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Duality in the spiritual sense is to know oneself as two sides.

I think of it as “light and dark” both neutral opposing forces that counteract each other but also offer a full balance when harmonized. (The opposite of duality is oneness.)

In a beautifully literal (but also metaphorical) sense I think about love & hate peace & war life & death up & down and so on and so on…

I found my duality in exploring my feminine divine self. I am very headstrong leader and recovering people pleaser. Being in constant survivor mode left me with a very masculine spirit.

Falling in love with my self has cast a bright light on a new softness in me. Its nurturing, more authentic and sensually intimate in a new non-sexual way. The new balance is scary but exhilarating.


Coach Ki

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