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Duality Convos (Let's talk about how our darkness has exposed our true light!)

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It's only when the devil in them knows you don't believe the God in you, that they f*** with you mentally. They think that you will never believe that you are a full child of God, let alone him his self but if you are full of self it serves them but in truth, if there is one in the Mist it's because there are two established!

Most times, I think as if I can't talk or won't be understood. It's because I don't see that world for what it could be or for what it is, I see it as it can be seen and how I do see it. And as sure as adults can act like kids and vs. I believe Angeles can be seen as demons and vs. But if the codeword is unity this game would be based on Love of understanding our differences in blind hands.

Coach Ki (Kiana Lee)
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