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Duality Convos (Let's talk about how our darkness has exposed our true light!)

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A small sense of what Duality means to me🌱

When I first started my healing journey my goal was to always be “happy” but as I began to heal myself I realized happiness wasn’t what I always thought it was. It wasn’t stripping the parts of me I hated, it was learning to embrace and control everything that made me, me. Once I learned to accept all parts of me, the Good and the Bad, I found acceptance. The first step to healing and truly changing is accepting what already is. After I found true forgiveness and acceptance in myself, I began to truly change and grow. In accepting the bad I learned how to release the parts me, that no longer served me without even trying. I’ve also learned that their is no happiness without duality, if we felt one emotion all the time we would be walking zombies, that can’t truly appreciate life.

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