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Dream Talk with Coach Ki! (Poll)

Do dreams have meaning behind them?

My thoughts: I think they do, in duality. In that beautiful ugly way that everything has a meaning. I think they’re messages to explore, question and understand. In reality most of us deny, overthink, repress or straight up ignore our dreams. I know I am guilty!

Here are few questions that come to my mind:

What if your soul is trying to tell you that your brain is not always right?

What if the point of the messages isn’t to use to assign whether they are going to happen or not?

Could doing so, keep the dreams from occurring and the worse ones from reoccurring?

What if those tragic dreams, those parts of you are disconnecting from are trying to save your life?

What if you’re supposed to understand to the lesson?

The lesson is trusting you, learning you, understanding you, accepting you, seeing you…and not running from you.

How? Embrace them.

You understand the lesson by getting curious ❤️‍🔥

Start writing them down.

Stop judging them and look for patterns. Look for beauty and start to notice the good moments and the lessons that kept you safe.

If you are running from dreams and disconnecting try this :

Meditate and nurture yourself after a loaded dream. Build a trust with yourself that says “I’ll protect you.”

Start asking your dreams questions, try to take the wheel during and get comfortable with your mind. Knowledge is power.

Our brain can disconnect to act like something doesn’t exist to “keep us safe” but soul knows everything already the weight is still there.

What do you think about dreams? Comment below!

Do dreams have meaning?

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