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Real life context: He & I are talking & seeing where it goes.


I‘ve been having inception type dreams lately, where it feels like I’m waking up from one dream, only to go through it & wake up from another layer. In 2 dreams from the recent weeks in particular, I felt the emotions of distrust & betrayal. Both dreams showed other women, & 1 dream he wasn’t even directly in it but his phone was. Currently, in real life, we’re not really having problems, though. So it did feel random, perhaps a trauma response?


In recent weeks - & months! - he’s been having increasingly sweet & loving dreams of me. One of them placed us in a classroom, where we were getting paired of for an experiment. He sat next to me, meanwhile another girl was trying to sit next to him, but was too late. She also tried to partner with him, but he already chose me. Each pairing entered & stood inside a machine that would rate compatibility. Once inside, he started whispering sweet loving things into my ear & I began to cry. Then the rest of the class went up to me asking if I was okay. // Another time he was deep in his sleep next to me & I heard him say “I love you” while he was unconscious. But in real life, I don’t feel like we’re too close to that yet.

It’s all so strange, isn’t it?! Welcoming any thoughts & insights. Thanks y’all. 🌻🌻🌻


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