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    Real life context: He & I are talking & seeing where it goes.


    I‘ve been having inception type dreams lately, where it feels like I’m waking up from one dream, only to go through it & wake up from another layer. In 2 dreams from the recent weeks in particular, I felt the emotions of distrust & betrayal. Both dreams showed other women, & 1 dream he wasn’t even directly in it but his phone was. Currently, in real life, we’re not really having problems, though. So it did feel random, perhaps a trauma response?


  • Jan Camille C
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  • Hello Beautiful Queens! So, last night I did not have a good dream well I felt it was a message to me but the dream itself had me crying throughout my day though it's the inevitable.. I had two dreams last night and BOTH of them were about my mother passing away and I was crying my butt off in them and I remember in one of them that one of my cousins whom I've had some dispute with in the past and we haven't resolved our issue but I'm not sure if she was there for me when I experienced that loss. And when I woke up, I felt I needed to do my part on resolving it but of course I can't control everything but I wanted to at least start off initiating on resolving the problem. Dreams are SOOO direct and indirect that'll leave you in ??????

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