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Bitchin' & Moanin' - Freely Vent, Complain, Rage, & Cry (No Judgement)

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…😞Sometimes it just doesn’t click.

I want it to…but the universe/source has other plans.

Maybe I let “them” down?

Maybe I hurt “them” without knowing or triggered something within them just by being me?

“How unfair!” I think as I rotate the Sun 🌞 an around me, in my most human state…

“ i try

i love

i show you in all I can but still no clicks?!”

But then I pull myself out of my vessel, realizing I’m not just this vessel or simply connected to the earth. I am everything…the clicked and the unclicked too…

A lovenote to my soul,

The source universe isn’t on a personal attack. Everything that clicks for me is apart of me, and everything that clicks beyond me is apart of me too. Release your expectations of lack, we’re always connected. Release yourself from the idea of what people want you to be, you are everything. Release your idea of “them“ so they can click beyond you as you inherit the freedom to be enough, you are always in receipt.

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