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Bitchin' & Moanin' - Freely Vent, Complain, Rage, & Cry (No Judgement)

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Alison Longe
September 20, 2022 · joined the group.

Whew! I am so glad I have space because I desperately need it! I am 26! Tired & I think depressed! I am coming to terms with the severity of my moms abuse & gaslighting. I’ve been living with my parents for years because I justified her abuse because she was a victim in my eyes but turns out she was a grade a textbook narc. She left almost a year ago & I’ve been in shock and processing since. I think I can say for certain I don’t want her in my life. My dad is working on fixing things with me but I don’t know if I’m open. I have dreams and goals but don’t have the mental capacity to go after them. I am lost hurt & broken & want to cry everyday. I’ve been unemployed for months but thankfully I start a new job Monday &…

Alison Longe
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…😞Sometimes it just doesn’t click.

I want it to…but the universe/source has other plans.

Maybe I let “them” down?

Maybe I hurt “them” without knowing or triggered something within them just by being me?

Alison Longe
Felonia The Spirit Guide


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